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The Book of Samael (Sefer Samael)
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Read Samples!
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Chapter One (Continued)
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Read the chilling words of Samael as he reveals...
*  A teaching with authority, lost to humanity for more than a millennium.
*  A doctrine so controversial it will shock the orthodoxies of all of the major world religions.
*  A conspiracy of cosmic proportions, dating back to the creation of the world itself.
*  The version of the "War in Heaven" that heaven has never wanted humanity to hear.

     The information contained in this book would be considered, by every major Western religion, including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, to be heretical and false.  A mere century ago, this material would have been banned and its readers (and, God forbid, its believers) excommunicated.  Few mainstream publishers would have dared touch it.  Four centuries ago, the religious and civil authorities would have made death a real possibility, even for the merely curious.
     If you have been raised in the teachings of Christianity, Judaism, or Islam, this book, as they say, might "test your faith."  It could also be said that it contains the teachings of a demon--perhaps even the very Devil himself.   For this reason, writings such as this are often banned or, at very least, sternly denounced by the religious censors for the people's own good and to "protect them from the enemy."  The fear, of course, is that it might be devastating for one whose mainstream faith already has chinks in the armor.
     But today, perhaps for only a short time, a window has opened when information, at least in certain parts of the world, can be freely disseminated and read without overt persecution.  For this reason, these words are presented, according to the one who dictated them, while there is time.  This opportunity, of course, may not last forever; forces are hard at work, the world over, to put an end to this rare and unique time and return us, once again, to a state of censorship and uniform ideology.
     This book may shock, frighten, alarm, or confuse you.  The secret teachings revealed here can be processed only by the most earnest seekers of truth, those who have already been tried and tested and can withstand the force of what will be said, perhaps those who have already fallen, and certainly those honest enough to give a fair hearing to the "other side's" version of theology.  Some might find themselves psychically and emotionally seared--perhaps even devastated.  Thus:
                                Do not take these writings lightly.
                         For millennia, they have been kept secret,
                     not only from humans but from angels as well.
                                 Please read at your own risk.