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There’s More to Music than Playing an Instrument.TM

The Programs at CMI

CMI offers some of the most thorough and comprehensive commercial music programs of professional study in the nation.  Originally developed for DePaul University’s prestigious School of Music, the Diploma and Certificate programs offer students the very same coursework studied by DePaul students under its director, Kim Craft, M.M., J.D., for a fraction of the cost—as well as a chance to study and work with industry professionals and guest artists such as producer Robert White Johnson (Celine Dion), publicist Julie “O” (Smashing Pumpkins and Peter Gabriel), Shawn Murphy (ASCAP’s Midwest Director), and radio and video personalities Ryan Manno (Q101) and David Broom (MTV’s Real World).


CMI offers its students the chance to market, administer, participate in and host live-performance showcases; attend national conferences and workshops; run career fairs; manage working bands; host guest speakers from the industry; and supervise on-site and off-site artistic performances.


CMI boasts a collaboration with the Chicago musical community and all of the opportunities of a large but comfortable city.  In addition to professional contacts made while studying at CMI, students prepare for their careers with either a professional internship or Career Planning course activity and have various career fair, conference, workshop, seminar, job, and internship postings available to them.


To enroll, students must be high school graduates or hold a GED certificate, proficient in the English language, and have completed a CMI application.  At various times, special courses and programs are open to talented high school students, as well.


   FALL 2003  



August 1-23 

Registration, Advising, and Faculty/Staff Development


August 25

Session A Classes Begin


September 1-2

Labor Day Recess (no classes)


September 15

Session B Classes Begin


October 4

Session A Classes End


October 25

Session B Classes End


October 25-31

Registration and Advising

  WINTER 2003  



November 3

Session A Classes Begin


November 27

Thanksgiving Recess (no classes)


December 13

Session A Classes End


December 15-18

Session B Intensive Classes

Registration and Advising


December 20-January 4

Winter Holiday Recess (no classes)





The Business of Music (CMI 100)

In this course, students will survey various areas of the commercial music industry, including: artist contracts and record deals; the recording industry; agents and managers; piracy, counterfeiting, bootlegging, payola, and trade practices; copyright and trademark laws; publishing; merchandising and distribution; and business entities.


Legal Issues for Musicians (CMI 200)

In this course, students will explore both state and federal laws of the entertainment industry, especially as they relate to contractual matters, applying basic legal principles to case studies, hypotheticals, and industry contracts.  Study how to set up a musical group (name selection, copyrights, service marks, and business entities); infringement, including sampling and file sharing issues; collaboration agreements; publishing, including performing rights organizations; single-song agreements; music licensing for television and film; performing and marketing, including club contracts, showcases, publicity, and unions; merchandising and distribution agreements; manager, agent, and producer contracts; and recording contracts, including major and indie label agreements and royalties.

Prerequisite:  Prior or concurrent enrollment in CMI 100)


Internship (CMI 300)

Students will select a faculty mentor for guidance with an internal or external internship, working in any area of the commercial music industry they desire, including marketing, management, promotions, publishing, production, retail, entertainment law, or distribution.  Internships may be performed in a non-profit or for-profit environment and may either be paid or unpaid.  At the completion of the internship, a journal will be submitted documenting experience gained and work performed.

Prerequisite:  Prior or concurrent enrollment in CMI 100.


Intro. To Sound Recording Technology (CMI 400)

In this course, students will learn the basics of studio recording technology, including dubbing, splicing, editing, sound equipment (multi-track players and mixing board) and industry practices.

Prerequisite:  Prior or concurrent enrollment in CMI 100.


Music Marketing (CMI 500)

In this course, students will study various aspects of the music marketing industry, including an overview of music income sources; activating a complete marketing and promotional campaign; the difference between advertising, publicity, and promotion,; on-line sales and promotions; press kits; the marketing chain; retail distribution chains; focus groups; target markets and demographics; and guerilla marketing tactics. 

Prerequisite:  Prior or concurrent enrollment in CMI 100.


Music Management (CMI 600)

In this course, students will study various musical venues; creating a mission statement; promotion and marketing (traditional and digital); fund development; accountability and action implications; creation of gig sheets, tour schedules, concert and play lists, and income statements; accountability and ethics; management contracts; and managers and agents.

Prerequisite:  Prior or concurrent enrollment in CMI 100.


Career Planning (CMI 700)

In this course, students will explore career options in areas of the music industry, including marketing, promotions, publishing, production, merchandising, law, finance, A&R management, and distribution.  Special emphasis will be placed on developing a professional resume and cover letter, as well as job research skills and interviewing strategies.

Prerequisite:  Prior or concurrent enrollment in CMI 100.











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